Disenchant Crafted Items

Disenchant Crafted Items


General Information

Disenchant Crafted Items adds a button and an information label to a profession window. When you craft an item that can be disenchanted it will show the number of those items in your bags and a "Disenchant" button will appear that will let you quickly disenchant all of those items without the need to target them in bags. It should be useful if you craft a lot of items with the intention of disenchanting them for materials.

Works best with Enchant Vellum addon which will help you use all those materials you get.


  • Single click to automatically target and disenchant a crafted item in your bags. (You need to click for every item because of how addons are allowed to work.)
  • The button only disenchants items selected in the profession list, so no need to worry that it will disenchant something that it shouldn't.
  • It ignores soulbound items (can be changed via slash command).
  • The button will not try to disenchant already disenchanted item (that still exists in bag for a second after looting materials) so you avoid failed casts and annoying message "That item is not a valid target".
  • Materials are autolooted after disenchanting (can be turned off via slash command).
  • The button only appears when you have Enchanting and when selected crafted item can be disenchanted, and when there is at least 1 of that item in your bags.
  • You can set key binding for the button to make it even easier to mass disenchant.
  • The button appears on Guild Profession window as well so you can disenchant items crafted by profession you don't have.

Slash Commands

/dci or /disenchantcrafteditems - Help.

/dci status - Information about current settings.

/dci autoloot - Enable or disable autolooting of disenchanted materials.

/dci soulbound - Include or exclude soulbound crafted items in disenchanting.

Retail version:

Retail version 

Version for Classic and Wrath of the Lich King Classic is also available:

Disenchant Crafter Items Classic