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DrinkBot lets you condense every mana-regeneration drink in your bags into one button on your bars.  No more wasted space, no more using low quality drinks by mistake.  This addon supports every single mana-regeneration drink in the game (including every form of mage food), and is fully updated for Dragonflight. 

It will always use the highest quality drink (i.e., the one that restores the most mana) that you physically have in your bags, giving preference to mage food.  It even accounts for the minimum level required to use different drinks for non-max-level characters.

Also, if you're playing a mage, right clicking the button will cast Conjure Refreshment.  Neat.

To Use This Addon

1.  Open the macro window (type "/macro" into the in-game chat box) and find the macro called DrinkBot.  

2.  Put that macro on your action bars.

3.  Win.