Equipped Forager

Equipped Forager


Recent Changes

1.4.1r - 3rd November 2014
~ Hopefully fixed Sha-Touched Herb
~ Added notice regarding Warlords of Draenor Gathering Speed Increases.
1.4.0r - 27th October 2014
~ Re-wrote half of the Herbalism Code to use internal translation sources instead of GetItemInfo API Calls for Localised Item Names due to undocumented changes to this API function. This should mean Herbalism is now working as it used to, however I no longer have a character with Herbalism to test the changes.
1.3.3r - 21st October 2014
~ Fixed Archaeology Code
1.3.2r - 20th October 2014
~ Herbalism should now work again. Sorry about this, I no longer have this profession so its hard to test.
1.3.1r - 16th October 2014
~ Fix for Notice Showing on every login instead of the first login.
1.3.0r - 15th October 2014 (6.0.2 Release)
~ IMPORTANT: Many changes in the latest patch have affected this addon, if you find Mining, Herbalism and Skinning no longer work it means I need the correct Mouse-over Tooltip Information for the language you use. This is because the strings have changed in-game while the Global Reference provided by Blizzard has not been updated to match.
~ Updated Internal Strings
~ Many Compatibility Fixes for 6.0.2

After finally getting my very own 16x16 Icon Forager's Gloves, I was immediately frustrated by the constant need to Equip/Unequip them. Shortly after that, this addon was born. No more hassle, but all the gain from the Gloves!

Equipped Forager automatically equips and un-equips the Forager's Gloves as they are needed. It does this by picking up the Mouse Over Tooltip of a applicable Mining Vein, Skinnable Corpse and Herb's and then auto-magically equips the Gloves. After you've Mined, Skinned or Gathered it then automatically re-equips your original Gloves. No more losing a mining deposit or that Golden Lotus to someone else while you open up your backpack and equip these gloves!

The gloves can cut gathering time's down to a insanely fast and epic feeling 0.5 seconds! (Between 1-1.5 seconds reduction depending on the type of gathering profession)

Finally hassle free Epically Fast Gathering!

This Addon requires you to have Forager's Gloves, which are very easy to obtain at Level 90 on Timeless Isle from Burning Berserker's. The Glove's only provide benefit in Pandaria, so this addon will only run on Pandaria Resources.

This addon makes use of the Ace3 Library which is included in both the manual ZIP download and should automatically be installed by the Curse Client.
If you get a error message about LibStub on loading WoW, please check your \Interface\Addons\EquippedForager\Libs folder for Ace3 and LibStub, if this folder does not exist or is lacking LibStub/Ace3 then you can add Ace3 to your WoW Install from http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/ace3