Ever wanted a simple summary of the ore or herbs you are farming. Fed up of having to check you bags. Well Farmed is for you!

Farmed understands the items that are typically farmed and automatically provides a categorised count of those items in you bags.. The features are:-

  • Displays total money.
  • Displays space left in bag for farming.
  • Displays summary of key garrison resources (timer, seeds, etc)
  • Summarised items into key categories (ore, stone, gem, cloth, herb, leather, elemental, Fish, other).
  • Displays dropped item in your bag that are uncommon/rare/epic
  • Displays a tool tip for all items/types
  • Auto resizing window, only takes up the space it needs.
  • Items are quality colour coded.
  • Minimal processing means that it will only use processing power when the bags content changes.
  • Fully configurable to reduce processing further by excluding sections you do not need.
  • Designed with multi-lingual support in mind.
  • Data Broker Integration
  • Item Icons new Shown!
  • announce items looted (and count) to screen and/or chat!
  • announce when trap should be dropped (configurable)
  • Auto refresh every 30 seconds to keep display up to date (configurable).
  • Tracks changes to materials and gold in session (i.e. since logged in).
  • New: Tracks changes to materials across sessions.
  • New: Tracks changes to materials across all sessions.
  • New: Tracking totals can be reset independently
  • New: Framed totals displayed on site,m tooltips.

Installation instructions

Extract files to the WOW add-on folder. When you login type "/farmed" for options.

Materials missing?

The add-on now uses WOW standard categories and so please let me know if any are missing.

Future Features and Bugs