This addon helps you to keep track of what you need to farm, how many of it and what's its worth

/fr to start

Options : 

Minimum price - Items must be this price or higher 

Minimum GPH - Gold per hour must be higher than this ( overcome minimum price )

Restock max - Maximum quantity to restock

Price source - The TSM price source you want to use

Rarity - Takes the rarity of the item into consideration

Cafting cost - Takes the cost of creation of bars into account

Rare price modifier - Adjust the minimum price depending on the rarity of the item

Value goal - set the goal to be at least "xxx" gold

Stock goal - set the goal to be at least "xxx" quantity ( TSM operation usable )

Time goal - set the goal to be at least "xx" hours

Custom : 

You can add an item via its ID or just by dragging the item in the input box
Once done, you can delete the item via the droplist, or use the "custom" button to start farming

You can change the quantity farmed per hour after you select the item in the dropdown menu 

[Known Bugs]

"CustomPriceStr is invalid" -> Modify the "Stock Goal" in the option to something like 0 or 1000