WoW Classic compatible!

GatherNotify adds the following improvements to the gathering profession leveling experience:

  • Notifies you when you are able to pick a new herb, mine a new mineral, or skin a new level of creature upon reaching a level where new herbs/minerals/creatures are available. Also takes into account temporary boosts, so if you're level 89 mining with a +10 boost, then upon reaching level 90, it will tell you that you can now mine iron, with your current boost. Upon reaching level 100 mining (110 with the boost), it will tell you again that you can now mine iron without a boost.

  • Modifies tooltips for herbs, mining nodes, and dead skinnable mobs, adding the level required to pick/mine/skin it, as well as your current level, if you cannot pick/mine/skin it yet.

  • Modifies the "Requires herbalism 150"-type error messages so they now appear as "Requires herbalism 150 (currently 142)".

  • Adds a command (/gn [skinning/mining/herbalism]) that will tell you the highest level herb you can pick, node you can mine, or level of creature you can skin.

Commands: /gn or /gnotify or /gathernotify

  • /gn skinning - Show highest creature you can skin
  • /gn mining - Show highest node you can mine
  • /gn herbalism - Show highest herb you can pick
  • /gn version - Show addon version

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