NO LONGER BEING DEVELOPED: GatherNow was surprising to me. Over the years it has amassed a surprising 90K+ downloads and I hate to see it die by the wayside. However with the changes in Battle for Azeroth there is no need for a tool to help you level you gathering skill to max.... Thank you all for downloading over the years. 

GatherNow - Gathering Level Helper

GatherNow aims to be a lightweight gathering profession assistant. Its soul purpose in existence is to provide a small visual queue for what resource to gather and where to gather it best.

The helper was designed from the point of view of a high level character skilling up a gathering profession. It is intended to provided the fastest possible route to max level as possible.

More details below:


  • Supports Mining, Herbalism and now Skinning!!! (Thanks Dridzt)
  • Interface provides a small icon for the resource(s)you should be gathering and the location(s) they can be found
  • Mousing over the resource will tell you it's name and suggested zone for farming it. The suggested zone may change as you skill up, alternate zones included for some but not all resources.
  • Display level as you skill up
  • Remind you to train when available with a chat message and a sound
  • Uses some ACE3 Framework
  • When possible the recommended zone is based upon your current location. (This is mainly used in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms)
  • Setting your tracking on the mini-map will enable the mod to track your resource.
  • Clicking one of the GatherNow tracking buttons will enable tracking of that resource on the mini map.

IMPORTANT Things to note:

  • Suggestions are based upon information gathered on Wowhead
  • Rare resources are not required to level therefore currently do not exist in the helper
  • You may come across ore or herbs that are not suggested to gather in order to level. This does not mean you shouldn't gather it. The suggestions are based solely on getting to max skill as soon as possible.

In Planning but might take some time to happen:

  • More adjusting and clarification of the frame. Current resourece icons are too close together on the window.
  • Way Point to next zone, map overly of where to find the resource in a zone
  • Gathered material values, scan all gathering prof mats in the AH and give list of prices and suggested farming for profit

Things this add-on won't do:

  • Track nodes or routes - there are already several great add ons available for doing this and I do not wish to reinvent the wheel in that aspect.

Known Issues:

  • Currently modes must be toggled by using the buttons on the gui. Tracking interaction hopefully will work in the future
  • Does not remember your tracking on reload of UI (this includes login), therefore you currently have to select the toggle for what you are farming