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GearQuipper lets you save gear sets and action slot configuration and switch quickly between them.

This AddOn is designed to be as light weight as possible. 

Supports Classic Era, TBC Classic and WOTLK Classic.


  • Create complete or partial gear sets
  • Quickly switch between sets
  • Action bar configuration will be saved and loaded with your sets (similar to "dual spec")
  • Automatically switch between sets based on events (e.g. mount, dismount, enter/leave zone, warrior stances, druid forms and paladin auras and many more; NEW: talent change and deathknight presences)
  • Quick switch slots for single items
  • Items remember their last bag if they get unequipped
  • Macro compatibility. See macro examples.
  • Push to bank / Pull from bank feature
  • LDB / Data Broker Support
  • Automatic spell upranking on your action bars once a new spell rank has been learned
  • NEW: Set item comparison tooltips (hotkey: L-Alt)
  • Helmet/cloak visibility will also be saved and loaded with your sets
  • Option to exclude manually switched items from event triggered set switches
  • Many more...

 Supported / Compatible Addons

 Supported Languages

  • chinese/simplified (zhCN), incomplete
  • chinese/traditional (zhTW), incomplete
  • english (enUS)
  • french (frFR), incomplete
  • german (deDE)
  • korean (koKR), incomplete
  • spanish (esES), incomplete

=> Feel free to add translations.

 Known Issues / Hints

  • Macros: Since the Blizzard WoW API does not provide a way to reliably distinguish macros, make sure there are no duplicate macro names. Also, numerical macro names are confused with macro IDs (their position in alphabetical order). So please avoid macro names which only contain numbers. This is a general problem with the WoW API and does not only affect GearQuipper.
  • If you have "automatic spell upranking" enabled, please beware that that there is a server delay on events when learning new skills. Leaving a second between each new learned spell will make sure that action slots will be updated properly.
  • The "enter combat" event only supports weapons switching and will fail if the following conditions are not met: 1) Your weapons set needs "affects action slots" to be disabled and 2) Your weapons set needs to be partial with only the weapon slots enabled.
  • Unique gems (e.g. dragonseye) might cause problems with set switching. Just trigger the set switch again to complete the switch. This is on my to do list.

=> For beginners guides and additional information see the addon pages.

=> If you recently transferred to another server, read the server migration guide.

=> Feel free to submit bugs or suggestions below.

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