GSE - Elfyau's Mage Macros

GSE - Elfyau's Mage Macros


Important Note: This depends on GSE3 or higher

This is a plugin for GSE and you need to have it installed to use this plugin. GSE is available at

What are Elfyau's Mage Macros?

A collection of Mage macros specifically tailored for running from level 50+ in any content you wish to play.

How to use GSE-Elfyau Macros

* Install GSE

* Install GSE-Elfyau Macros

* Once in-game, open up GSE Options (type /gs or .gse then click options)

* Under Plugins, select the GSE-Elfyau button

* This will save the set of macros to your account. 

* Once this is done select the macro you want and click the "create icon" button

* Drag and drop the icon to your action bar

* Done!

Any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

For the moment I will leave comments open, though I may not see them quickly. I am more likely to see them if you post them @ Wow Lazy Macros under the appropriate macro topic.

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