HealBot Continued

HealBot Continued


HealBot Classic and Retail

  • The original healing addon that keeps on giving more.
  • Customize and style your own unit frames with configurable click cast options.
  • Over 80 extra skins packaged and ready to import in game.

Main HealBot Site


Backup and Restore

  • In game, use the Export / Import tabs in HealBot options
  • In windows, use the backup and restore script available here

Recommended Addons

  • SharedMedia - This addon is designed to be used by addons, it gives additional textures, fonts and sounds.
  • SharedMediaAdditionalFonts - This addon can be used with SharedMedia to gives additional fonts.

Slash Commands

Installing and Updating

  • Completely log off WoW
  • Copy the folders into your WoW Addons folder.
  • Logon to WoW as your main Healer.
  • As a priority you should open the options and configure spells, debuffs and buffs.

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