This addon was designed for Blizzard's UI only. However, you may find that it still works with a limited number of Unit/Raid Frame addons.


HealBarsClassic brings healing predictions to Blizzard's Classic UI. There's no need for complicated setup, simply install and adjust one or two options to fit your own tastes. You'll have all the info you need to be an effective healer, including when someone is protected by shields or a major cooldown like Blessing of Protection or Shield Wall. That way you'll always know where to prioritize heals.

The newest 3.0.0 version brings an option to have separate colors for your own heals. While this option is enabled, heals are shown in the order in which they'll land! You'll no longer have to worry about overhealing just because somebody is casting a faster heal on your target. Enable it from the settings with /hbc

This addon was formerly known as HealCommClassic and was renamed to avoid confusion with LibHealComm (commonly just called HealComm).


  • Incoming heal bars
  • Separate HoT bars
  • Separate colors for own/friendly heals 
  • Shield glow
  • Healing communication with other addons (VuhDo, Luna, HealBot, etc)
  • Simple setup
  • Custom status text info
  • Cross-addon compatible raid check (See /hbc help)


HealBarsClassic has been designed for Blizzard's unit/raid frames only and compatibility with other addons is not guaranteed. These addons (and possibly more) are known to have some soft compatibility:

  • Easy Frames

Known Issues

  • Blizzard's raid frames can become misaligned when players or pets join/leave raid during combat - This issue is a bug with Blizzard's raid frames and is not related to HealBarsClassic.


This addon originally branched from a bit of code written by Aviana of Luna Unit Frames.

Special thanks all the people who have helped by reporting issues.

HealBarsClassic includes the following libraries:

https://www.wowace.com/projects/libhealcomm-4-0  (Some modifications have been made specifically for this addon)