Lemmo's Craft Cooldown

Lemmo's Craft Cooldown


This Addon is based on CraftCooldown from czupakobra

The main purpose is to show profession cooldowns like mooncloth, transmutations and the salt shaker.

To show base commands just type /ccd help .

I extended the Addon with a little salt shaker icon in the left upper corner of the screen, that indicates the cooldowns. This can be moved little bit downwards, what is useful for Titanpanel users.

The little icon is complete visible if one of current characters abilities are ready and transparent if all abilities are on cooldown. If the icon is little bit more, but not completely visible then one of you're twinks abilities are ready. A left click on the icon shows actual cooldowns. Right click opens up the options.

The cooldown of the salt shaker will be registered on putting it in you're bags, that happens automatically if you are using it. Alchemy and tailoring will be refreshed on opening the profession window.

Little modifications makes the salt shaker cooldown working correctly.

At this time i added German and French (sorry for the bad French :) )Translations, but it should work on every client.

Description for the options panel:

- Print cooldowns for the current profession window
Shows cooldown messages when opening a profession with cooldowns.

- Print cooldowns on login
Shows cooldown messages after you logged in.

- Print cooldowns when ready
Shows messages and plays a sound once when a cooldown is ready.

- Always scan the salt shaker
Enables and disables the salt shaker scan.
(Disabled, salt shaker cooldown will be not available)

- Show status icon
Enables and disables the little salt shaker icon

- For Titan Panel users: move the icon down a little.
This moves the salt shaker icon down if it is under the Titan Panel bar. This is the only global setting all other are set per character.

- Clear character cache
Removes saved cooldowns for the current character. This may be helpful if there is a saved cooldown for a unlearned profession.

Version 6.0 :

Big changes to the ignored cooldown system and many changes in the whole cooldown system.

it is now possible to:

- delete single cooldowns (4)

- ignore cooldowns by search pattern (1 + 2 or 3)

- remove ignored cooldowns by pattern (1 + 2 or 3)

- ignore cooldowns for all characters (3 or 6) and for the current character (2 or 5)

- remove cooldowns for non existing characters (4)

- remove non existing cooldowns (4)

Version 6.3 :

- Introduced new cooldown widget