Addon makes it possible to sort mounts on waterfowl, flying, ground and allows to use in suitable conditions.
(Random mount summoning)


  • Sorting mounts for use in fly, ground and water areas.
  • One-button mount summoning in all areas.
  • Auto summoning Chauffeured Chopper, when no riding skill.
  • Auto summoning Vashj'ir SeaHorse in Vashj'ir.
  • Filter Hidden For Character.
  • Filter mounts by type.
  • Filter mounts by selected.
  • Filter mounts by faction.
  • Filter mounts by expansion.
  • Global mount list and for each character for each zone.
  • Flags for ground and water walk for each zone.
  • Pet selection for each mount.
  • Class-Specific options.
  • Tags system.
  • Profiles system.
  • ElvUI Skin


  • /mountconfig or /mco - for settings
  • /mount - for use mounts (recommended: /click MountsJournal_Mount) (If the macro doesn't work just recreate it in the settings)

When modifier is hold (watch settings):

  • fly area -> ground mount
  • fly area and in water -> fly mount
  • ground area and in water -> ground mount


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