Basic Configuration

NeatPlates is a nameplate addon that works with both the Classic and Modern version of WoW.

Use the command, '/NeatPlates' or '/np' as a shortcut to the interface panel for Neat Plates. On that panel, you'll be able to select from a list of available themes. The theme you choose will affect both appearance and features.

Use the command, '/hub' to configure the mechanics of those included themes. If you're using a custom theme, it might have a different config tool.


This addon is based on the Tidy Plates project and was created during a period of time where said project was no longer working with the current version of the game. As such I feel it is important to credit the original authors, danltiger and CynthiaV, for all the work they put into the original addon.


If you come across any bugs, don't hesitate to open up an issue. I highly recommend reporting issues through GitHub rather than the comments section as it is a lot easier to keep track of on GitHub, and I don't check comments as often.


The Twitch client can be a bit weird about differentiating between the Classic and BFA version, it's recommended that you make sure you are on the correct version by clicking on the Addon name(NeatPlates) in the Twitch client and then clicking on Versions and installing the latest version with 1.13.6.xx in the name. Or you can install it manually by downloading this version:


Can I change the nameplate distance in Classic?

No, Blizzard has locked the nameplate distance to 20yds in Classic

For TBC you are once again allowed to modify the nameplate distance, so if you are on the TBC client you can find the slider for this in the CVars section of the main options.

Why do my friendly nameplates change/not work when I enter a dungeon?

Somtime in Legion, Blizzard blocked the ability to alter friendly nameplates while in dungeons and raids. This is the same for both Classic and Retail.

Can I disable castbars?

Yes, it's located in the main addon settings under Other Settings.

Can I change the default class colors?

Sadly there isn't a built in option for this, but NeatPlates does support other addons that change the default class colors such as (Class Colors and BlueShamans)