This addon requires Grid or Plexus.

Adds a status to Plexus for debuffs applied by Raid Bosses or dungeons.

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Dragonflight Debuff List


Shadowlands Debuff List


Battle for Azeroth Debuff List


Legion Debuff List


Warlords of Draenor Debuff List


Mists of Pandaria Debuff List


Cataclysm Raid Debuff List


Wrath of the Lich King Raid and Burning Crusade Debuff List


How do I get the Raid Debuff to show up in Plexus as the Center Icon?

  • Open Plexus Options
  • Select the Indicators tab at the top
  • Select Center Icon on the left
  • Check Raid Debuff

(This option is also under Status->Raid Debuff->Center Icon, they both toggle the same setting)

Some debuffs are not detected?

GridStatusRaidDebuff2 will only detect debuffs cast by non-players. Some bosses have mechanics where the player casts the debuff on another player or themselves. The addon packs along with providing priorities, enable seeing these debuffs. One can also manually add them if one for some reason does not want to use an addon pack and assign priorities for oneself. Using the debuff packs is recommended.

How do I display a second debuff on boss fight X?

  • 99% of boss fights work well with the single debuff displayed by GridStatusRaidDebuff2 and its prioritizing system to display what is most important.
  • For boss fights where a second indicator is necessary, one can uncheck that debuff for the center icon in GridStatusRaidDebuff2 and use Plexus to set an indicator (or text or icon) for that specific spell to show in a different location.

If you are having problems, please make sure that you are running the latest version of Plexus.

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Thanks Azelkeeber, Alakabaster, Azethoth, and Greltok for their work on this addon.