Profession Cooldown

Profession Cooldown


Profession Cooldown

Profession Cooldown (PCD) tracks the cooldown of profession abilities across the characters on your account. It's fairly simple, and mostly consists of a simple overview. It is recommended to use the 'update from spell id' feature from the options frame. It will be enabled by default for new users. If not enabled, your profession window has to be open in order to record active cooldowns. Currently it tracks:

  • Alchemy: All transmutes, Northrend Research
  • Jewelcrafting: Brilliant Glass, Icy Prism
  • Tailoring: WotLK cloths, Glacial Bag
  • Enchanting: Void Sphere
  • Mining: Smelt Titansteel
  • Inscription: Minor research, Northrend research


  • /pcd - toggles the visibility of the window.
  • /pcd reset - resets the position of the window.
  • /pcd resetalldata - resets all data for the addon.
  • /pcd reset charactername - resets the data for the given charactername. Useful if changing professions or deleting a character.
  • /pcd options - opens the options window.
  • /pcd filters - opens the filtering menu
  • /pcd update - triggers manual update.


Please leave any feedback you may have in the comments. You are also welcome to create issues on Github (click on 'Source' above).

To do list:

  • Data broker / titan panel improvements. (eg. color coding or writing number of ready CD's on label)
  • Cross-account sync.
  • Alerts / notifications.