Simple Combo Points

Simple Combo Points


A simple Combo Point display that shows how many points you have. Has support for the anticipation talent.

To move the display boxes, Alt+drag the leftmost box.

Slash command: /scp

/scp color - Opens a window to let you change color of the combo point frame.
/scp scale <number> - Sets the scale of the bar. Numbers between 0.5 and 3 are recommended. Sample usage: /scp scale 1.5
/scp alpha <number> - Sets the alpha value of combo points. Default value is 1.0, values must be between 0.2 and 1.0.
/scp nocombat on|off - Whether the boxes should be shown outside combat or not.
/scp reset - Resets the addon settings back to the default. Useful if you for example accidentally dragged the frame outside the screen.

/scp anticipation_color - Opens a window that lets you change the color of the anticipation boxes.
/scp anticipation_scale <number> - Change the scale of the anticipation boxes.
/scp anticipation_position above|below|overlap|replace|off - Change the position of the anticipation boxes relative the combo point boxes. Set to off to disable the anticipation functionality.

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