Tidy Plates: Simple

Tidy Plates: Simple


Note: You need Tidy Plates to use this addon.

A TidyPlates theme based on a combination of features from caelNameplates, Headline and Simbar.

They include a cast bar/icon, unit level indicator (colored) and unit name.

Handy Note for Healers: if you turn on friendly nameplates, you will only see the names/bars for friendly units that are not full health. This should make your lives easier when casting or positioning AoE heals that require some sort of physical location/indication (think Light of Dawn, Healing Rain, Efflorescence, etc.)

Nameplate Colors:

  • Enemies = Dark Red
  • Neutral = Dark Yellow
  • Friendly NPC = Dark Green
  • Friendly Player = Dark Blue
  • Threat = Bright Red