TomCat's Tours: Mechagon [ADDON MOVED - see description]

TomCat's Tours: Mechagon [ADDON MOVED - see description]


README: TomCat's Tours is now combined into one addon!

If you are new to TomCat's Tours, Do not install "TomCat's Tours: Complete".

Everything from TomCat's Tours can now be found in the core TomCat's Tours addon.

For help:

Support links, including live support, are available at


Latest features: All rare addons now have a description panel available (similar to the quest descriptions when you click a quest in the log).

The current releases have updated loot tables but will need the spawn descriptions filled and translated.  Any volunteers?

TomCat's Tours offers a lightweight tour of the Mechagon rares

  • View all of the rares locations on both the world map and the zone mini map.
  • HandyNotes and TomTom integration if you have it
  • Simple icons
  • Star means you can still kill and loot the rare.
  • Check mark means you have already looted this rare for the phase and have to wait for the reset to kill it again.
  • You can view the stars on the Mechagon map and Rares Log from anywhere

Mechagon Map Screenshot

HandyNotes Support Added

Loot Tooltip