Vex Power

Vex Power


Vex Power

Vex Power shows every powertype as an energybar. It also shows ComboPoints or similar important and trackable class/spec specific alternative-power and buffs. Currently supported are:

  • Paladin: Holy Power
  • Druid: ComboPoints
  • Rogue: ComboPoints
  • Monk: Chi
  • Hunter (Beast Master): 'Frenzy'-Stacks
  • Warrior (Fury): 'Raging Blow'-Stacks
  • Shaman (Enhancer): 'Maelstrom Weapon'-Stacks
  • Priest (Shadow): Shadow Orbs
  • Priest (Discipline): 'Evangelism'-Stacks
  • Warlock (Affliction): Soul Shards
  • Warlock (Demonology): Demonic Fury (get an additional bar instead of combopoints)
  • Warlock (Destruction): Burning Embers (get additional bars instead of combopoints)
  • Mage (Arcane): 'Arcane Charge'-Stacks

The PowerBar


In Addition to the common settings (position, size, colors, etc) the powerbar has a 'used'-effect (can be turned off). This effect colors the power you just spent and then fades it out.


The Powerbar has 6 states in which the color can be changed (fully customizable). 3 states for each 'in combat' and 'out of combat' representing: 'power empty', 'power full' and 'power neither full nor empty'. The thresholds-% for 'power empty' and 'power full' can be set by the user. Changeable fo all 6 states are the color and the opacity of the bar. With this feature you can color the bar when the power is empty as a visual alarm or you can change the opacity of the powerbar to an adjustable amount whenever you are out of combat.

The ComboPoints


The colors are fully customizable for every single ComboPoint.

Position and Size

You have the choice between two modes to set the positon and the size. Intelligent-CP-Mode This mode only needs 3 numbers to automatically adjust the ComboPoint position and size to your PowerBar. Manual-Mode Deactivating the intelligent-cp-mode lets you set all combopoint positions and sizes by yourself.


This effect is similar to the 'used'-effect for the powerbar. ComboPoints that have just been spent change their color and then fade out. You can toggle this effect

'Color ComboPoints on X'-effect

This effect overwrites the colors you chose for the combopoints when you have X combopoints gained. The amount X is selectable. You can choose whether all combopoints or only the first X combopoints should be colored when the amount is reached.


Whenever you gained Y combopoints a sound is played (deactivated by default)

The Textfields

The number of textfields is not static, meaning you can create/delete textfields at your wish. Textfields contain information that can be parsed with tags.


(alternative power is currently working only for demonology and destruction warlocks and represents the amount of ember shards or the amount of demonic fury.)

  • Current Power:
  • [PowerCurrent]: Shows '19218' (current power)
  • [PowerAltCurrent]: Shows '19218' (current alternative power)
  • [PowerCurrentShort]: Shows '19' instead of '19218' (current power)
  • [PowerCurrentSmart]: Shows '19.2' instead of '19218' (current power)
  • Maximum Power:
  • [PowerMax]|r: Shows '19218' (maximum power)
  • [PowerAltMax]|r: Shows '19218' (maximum alternative power)
  • [PowerMaxShort]|r: Shows '19' instead of '19218' (maximum power)
  • [PowerMaxSmart]|r: Shows '19.2' instead of '19218' (maximum power)
  • Missing Power:
  • [PowerMissing]: Shows '19218' (missing power)
  • [PowerMissingShort]: Shows '19' instead of '19218' (missing power)
  • [PowerMissingSmart]: Shows '19.2' instead of '19218' (missing power)
  • Percentage Power:
  • [PowerPerc]: Shows '18' for 18.3%
  • [PowerPercSmart]: Shows '18.3' for 18.3%
  • ComboPoints:
  • [CPsCurrent]: Shows your current ComboPoints/HolyPower/etc
  • [CPsMax]: Shows your maximum ComboPoints/HolyPower/etc
  • [CPsMissing]: Shows your missing ComboPoints/HolyPower/etc
  • Buffs: (only parse information when buffs are tracked as ComboPoints)
  • [BuffDurationLeft]: Shows the time left
  • [BuffDurationTotal]: Shows the total duration

The position of the textfields is on the powerbar by default. But you can reposition them and put them on your combopoints to show the buffduration via [BuffDurationLeft] or the amount of demonic fury you gained as a demonology warlock via [PowerAltCurrent]

The Markers:

Markers are marks at specific places on your energybar. They can be placed at absolute positions(e.g. 1217) and at relative positions (e.g. 40%). Again they are fully customizable. You can set them for both specs or only for a specific single spec and you can choose in which combination to a powertype they are shown. That way a druid could set sepperat markers for his mana (no form, moonkin, tree), his energy (cat), his rage (baer) and set a universal marker that is shown with more than one or even all powertypes. The purpose of these marks is to give you a visual assisstance so you get to know better when you have enough power to use an ability or when you can use a mana-gain-spell without wasting mana.

Default Settings

Default Profile

You can set a saved profile to be a default profile. That way every char that has no config for this addon will load the default profile instead of the addon defaults.

Default Color Sets

You can save color sets that contain the colors of the ComboPoints. Those color sets can be set as a default color set for a specific class. That way the addon can this color set that is set as default for the class. Default color sets overwrite the colors from the loaded default profile.