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released under the Creative Commons License By-Nc-Sa 3.0

pbInfo offers multiple features to ease your daily Runes of Magic life. This add-on shows a tooltip with several information about the mob, player or NPC you are hovering, a tooltip with information about gathering materials and it modifies the target blood bars to show a mob's real healthpoints.

By now, pbInfo also includes a ThreatMeter, a QuestTracker and a ChatLog.

Please use the ticket system for bug reports. Check other tickets first. I want to keep the comments area clean.


Any features using the recently removed os.* functions are available only if you install an addon providing these, e.g. d303Fix.

If you encounter any problems:

Try to reset pbInfo - all pbInfo settings will be lost:

  • Delete the pbInfo folder inside your AddOns folder
  • Start RoM and select a character/join the game
  • Log off / Close RoM
  • [ Download the latest pbInfo version ]
  • Install pbInfo again

Features in detail

  • ThreatMeter
    • shows six players with the highest threat ("aggro")
    • fades from green to red (low to high)
    • your own name is colored yellow
    • movable/lockable
    • title can be hidden
    • you can click through the window
    • settable update interval (from 0.5sec to 1.0sec)
    • ... (see screenshots)
  • QuestTracker
    • shows all the quests checked in the quest book - but nicer than the integrated tracker =)
    • highlights daily quests
    • movable via shift+right click on the title
    • minimizes/maximizes when left-clicking on the title
    • title can be hidden
    • custom font sizes
    • Tooltip showing some more information about a quest
    • Left click opens a quest in the quest book
    • Shift+Left click to put a quest's name into chat
    • Control+Left click opens the world map showing a clickable icon at the position of the quest reward NPC
  • Tooltip with information about the "mouseovered" mob, NPC or player
    • Class and Level, highlighted in the respective color
    • HP "fading" from green to red, based on target's healthpoint ratio
    • Mana, Rage, Energy, Focus
    • the target's target, if available
    • the player's title, if available
    • Mob names are colored based on the difficulty relatively to the current level (same as the mob's level in target frame)
    • shows if the mob is elite or a boss
  • Tooltip with information about gathering materials
  • you can set the tooltip to a static position
  • sending a mob information message to the group, guild, zone or a buddy
  • ChatLog
    • providing a history (for the current session)
  • ChatFrame
    • remove chat titles ([Zone], [Party], ...)
    • added some more ChatFrame settings (right click on a chat tab -> "Channel Settings")
  • CastingBar
    • show cast time
    • can be moved around freely
  • "Repair equip when opening store" option
  • extra language support
  • InventoryViewer support for the material tooltip
  • AddonManager support
  • Minimap button (does not show up if you use AddonManager)

Furthermore, pbInfo shows a mob's real current and maximum health points in the target frame's healthbar (instead of "100" or "74").

In order to show the health points of a mob correctly, it or an identical mob has to be detected by the cursor once before the combat starts.

Potential quest information [Quest title Gathering item (2/10)] are of course preserved.


Additionally, the (original) pbMobInfo function - sending information via the chat to party members - has also been preserved. For sending such a message, write "/mobinfo" in the chat or create a macro button for "/script pbInfoChat();". With "/mobinfo zone", "/mobinfo guild" and "/mobinfo playername", the message will be send to that channel or player.


Unzip the attached archive file and copy the folder "pbInfo" to "Runes of Magic\Interface\AddOns". If those folders are missing, create them.

After starting the game, the message "Add-on loaded: pbInfo" should appear in the chat window. (Does not show up if you use AddonManager.)


Please remove the old version before installing the new one!


Quite all features or switchable in a config frame. Use the minimap button or type /pbic into chat to open it.


Again: The "normal" (percentage) health points will be displayed if the maximum health points of a mob could not be detected properly (because this only works if you already have hovered above the mob once before the combat has started).

Notice: Due to the calculation of the current health points is done with the help of the percentage health points, it can come to inaccuracy of at most 1%.

Thanks to

  • dr00gz for the general add-on idea, some advice about the functions and constructive feedback
  • gastro19 for the /mobinfo shortcut and mouseover target
  • sanix for the idea sending chat messages to different channels
  • lynxxger for the colored distance display
  • phreak for the original hsb_to_rgb function
  • Asz89 for the material database values
  • Soloreaver for the hints on OBloodBar
  • Alleris for the ChatFrame settings
  • Bother for the cast time display
  • translators ( info in languages files )

For your interest

pbInfo has been mentioned in the printed version of the German PCAction magazine. \o/