ForgeUI -

ForgeUI is WildStar UI overhaul. It's completely modular, so you don't have to use everything. Only 'ForgeUI' addon is required.

Warning! - ForgeUI is currently in beta so there will be bugs. If you found some , please post the error message here or create new issue at GitHub

Main features

  • simple use - ForgeUI is created in way that after installation you dont need to setup anything. But if you want customize something, just type /forgeui or press ESC - > ForgeUI and voilĂ  all options in one place.
  • unified design - Main purpose why ForgeUI was created is to get nice, unified UI.
  • optimalization - ForgeUI requires about half of resources than stock UI.
  • customization - Currently there is decent amount of customization, but that amount will be increasing in the future.

Other ForgeUI addons

List of feature-requests/issues: