2016-11-27: Version 4.6 released, API 14 version bump.

2016-04-24: Version 4.5 released. API 12 version bump only.

2015-10-16: Version 4.4 released. Usable filter now hides already-learned pets.

2015-09-29: Version 4.3 released. Drop 6 fixes. I had to disable the "vibrate" indicator of which items are being moved during Sort operations (that API call is just gone in Drop 6). I'll find another way to indicate items being moved, but for now, it just no-frills moving.

Addon description

This addon adds a small toolbar to the bottom of the guild bank window. The toolbar contains various quality-of-life utilities relating to the guild bank.

Item search/filter

Highlights item-matches on the current bank tab, and displays a counter for hits on other tabs on the top bank-tab buttons.

Search by item name
Enter text such as "amp" or "focus" and all items with matching name will be highlighted.

Only show usable items
If the "Usable items only" checkbox is marked, only usable items will be shown. All items are considered usable unless one of the following rules apply:

  • The level requirements are not met
  • It is an already known one-time consumable such as Dye or AMP
  • The item has class-requirements, and you're not it
  • The item has unmet proficiency-restrictions (weapon or armor type)
  • It is a schematic for a tradeskill you do not currently have
  • It is a schematic for a tradeskill you do have, but it is already known
  • It is a catalyst for a tradeskill you do not currently have
  • It is an already acquired collectible pet

Item reorganization

Two forms of guild bank cleanup are offered: Stack and Sort. The corresponding buttons are only enabled if there is actually something to stack or sort on the current bank tab.

Once started, the button you clicked (Stack or Sort) turns into a "stuff left to do countdown". Click this again to interrupt the operation. Any guild bank change not initiated by GuildBankTools (such as you or another guildie moving an item) also interrupts the in-progress operation.

Stack items
If your currently shown guild bank tab contains any stackable items, the "Stack" button will be enabled.
Hovering over the "Stack" button highlights all stackable items. Clicking the "Stack" button stacks them.

Sort items
Automatically sort the items on current guild bank tab according to the item category/family/etc. More fine-grained sorting rules will be added as development continues. In the addon settings you can choose whether to sort items horizontally or vertically.

NB: All Guild Bank changes are done one item at a time due to API limitations. Only a certain amount of Guild Bank actions are allowed every few seconds, leading to slowdown of the sort/stack operations. Any reorganization operation starts out as fast as possible, then slows down when the limit is reached. That is working as intended, it's not a bug or a performance issue.