Rematch_TSMPetValues adds TSM market values ​​to the Rematch pet list, so you don't have to cage a pet to see its auction house item value.

You can browse through your whole pet collection and can choose which precious pet is due to sell or which cheap pet to buy..

It uses TSM to gather the item value and displays the Mininum Buyout Value (DBMinBuyout) and the Regional Market Value Average (DBRegionMarketAvg), but you can change that to any other TSM price source (/tsm sources) in the configuration.

Rematch_TSMPetValues gets its pricing information from TradeSkillMaster and its desktop app. If the desktop app doesn't have data from your region (and server), Rematch won't show pet price values: it' that simple.
In 99% cases of missing values a 3rd party addon downloader has junked your addons, be warned, use ƇurseForge and you'll be fine.

Thanks to Mandaeule for her inspirational idea to make this addon and to Breg from BregVids for his nice video and to mention it in his video "The Best Addons for Making Gold in BfA" and to DalaGG for his Video "10 Gold Making Addons in WoW Shadowlands Gold Farming".


No special configuration, Just install it and pet values will show up in Rematch, but you can change the used price sources in the configuration. 

You could set the first and second price source to 'DBMinBuyout' and 'DBRegionMarketAvg'. A third price source, e.g. '5000g' or 'max(5000g, 50% DBRegionMarketAvg)'
or '33% DBRegionMarketAvg', can trigger a notice (+/-) in front of the market value.

The notice suggests selling a pet (+++ down to +) or buying a pet (--- down to -) on this server because the price is higher or lower than on other regional servers.

You can sort the pet list by first, second and the difference of first and second price source.


Set price sources to 'DBMinByout' (a) and 'DBRegionMarketAvg' (b) and the alert trigger to '20% DBRegionMarktAvg' (c), then '+' is a indication that the min buyout of that pet is (one * alarm trigger) higher than the average:
   a - c >= b for '+', a - 2c >= b for '++' and a - 3c >= b for '+++'
or (one * alarm trigger) lower as the average:
   a + c < b for '-', a + 2c < b for '--' and a + 3c < b for '---'.


Rematch_TSMPetValues requires Rematch and TradeSkillMaster.

Please use the additional addon TradeSkillMaster_AppHelper and a working TSM Desktop App to get pet market values for your server and region.


Is there a distinction between prices for Level 1 and Level 25 pets?
TSM does not differentiate between Tier 1 or Tier 25 pets. Please have an eye on which level or breed pets have before buying and selling.


Please report any bugs you may find or any suggestions you might have to the ƇurseFȯrɡe Project Page

If you wish, you can send me a PM to Expelliarm5s on ƇurseFȯrɡe.

ATTENTION: The only original source for my addons is the ƇurseFȯrɡe site or the ƇurseFȯrɡe updater app. Do not download my addons from another website or with other download apps as they are likely to be out of date and may contain malware.

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